What is it that limits you in life? 
What prevents you from achieving your potential?
Are you even aware of what you’re capable of?

Paul started running just over five years ago and has found an outlet in life that gives him a great deal of satisfaction. His ‘running bug’ has progressed from being a means to lose weight, to regular park runs and now to several marathons - with an ambition to win an England shirt and run for his country in the future.

Paul describes a constant desire to test his limits - it’s like an unquenchable thirst to find out what he’s capable of. He’s a detail man and loves his technology, so he is able to analyze his runs through various apps and recording of data, looking for areas to make those marginal gains.
The most profound part of his learning, I feel, is the revelation that the limit is not in our bodies but often lies within our brain and thinking, purely because it’s trying to keep us safe. To overcome that internal limitation we need to train our brains that we’re going to be o.k. - that those boundaries are there to be tested and pushed.

How often though, do we step back from the edge or pull up early due to fear of imminent danger or pain. This usually leads to a sense of failure or dissatisfaction, as deep down I think we know that we’re born for more. Perhaps there’s a lesson in this principle for all of us?

To uncover your full potential, you have to challenge your perceived limits.

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