Do you like to invent things from scratch?

The kind of thing where there’s no instructions, no recipe, no tick list.  Your brain simply thought of an idea and then you went on the journey of solving problems until you’d created what you had in your mind's eye.

I love Josie’s relentless optimism about inventing and creating.  There are no hang-ups about making mistakes or how long it’s going to take - the joy is in the journey, in the simplicity of creating and in the brilliance of problem solving her own way to fulfill her imagination.
There’s whimsy about her approach.  It’s refreshing to hear that there doesn’t always need to be an end goal or purpose because the fun is in the imagining itself.

We all have problems to solve and dreams to fulfill. It’s a good reminder to approach both of these in a light hearted manner and to find the joy in the process without getting hung up about the time it takes or the mistakes we make.

We’ve all been given an imagination, let’s use it.
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