RISK. Do you avoid it... or are you drawn towards it?

If you google quotes about ‘comfort zone’ you’ll come across many familiar lines - like ‘life begins at the edge of it’, ‘success and growth happen when you cross over into the unknown’ and that ‘life’s greatest rewards happen if you choose to leave the familiar and safe’. 

So many people are scared of failing because we build a picture in our minds of worst case scenarios if we were to try something new. Joel and his wife have chosen to live life without that constraint. They’ve tasted both success and failure, and for him failure is ‘never fatal’, rather it’s a guide to learn and grow.

He’s way more comfortable in the unfamiliar, facing challenge and possibility, rather than having the ‘security’ of a broad and well known path stretched out ahead. 

Freedom is at the centre of his decision making. For him business is not a risk, but an opportunity to write a narrative with his life that he’s impacted by, to shape a life of freedom, adventure and investment of time with those he loves.

Risk or opportunity. How do you view it?
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