How do we learn to live a well life? Can we find success, fulfilment, joy and a natural rhythm in all areas of our life?

After hitting burnout in the midst of ‘success’ several years ago, April-joy learnt the importance of giving herself time… time to reflect on how she’s living and if the direction of her life is taking her to a destination she actually wants to live in.

This fast paced world we live in can so often serve as a distraction to our own life. We can get swept up in comparison, attainment, appearances, chasing the dream - all to look back one day and question how we got here. 
April-joy often asks deeply of herself and those she loves, “how’s your head, and how’s your heart?” It’s the heart that so often has the quietest voice, but it’s the heart that’ll speak the truth.​​​​​​​
We are all made up of body, mind and soul. To live a well life we need to look after and learn to integrate all three together. We need to take regular time to reflect on them and adjust accordingly to live a life that flows naturally in whatever season of life we’re in.
How’s your head and how’s your heart?
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