When we give our time to what ‘completes us’, it gives us a sense of freedom and enjoyment in life, and that in turn gives us fuel and joy for every other part of our lives. When we’re fulfilled, that peace, energy and joy flows back into all the other areas of our lives. The rhythm of life flows in the right direction.
If we don’t make time to do the things in life that bring us joy and fulfilment then we’re missing out on being human, and it’s like we’ve got our lives upside down.
Sadly in our western world, in the unrelenting pace, it’s the things that fulfil us that often get pushed to the sidelines. What brings me joy with Cornelia’s story is how 8 years ago she realised that a big part of who she is (horse riding) was no longer there and so she did something about it. She made space in her world to prioritise fulfilment over busy.

I’ve also learnt that horse riding is a partnership, there’s a deep bond that’s formed between rider and horse, a level of trust and dependency that’s similar to true friendships we experience in life. It’s also another story that points to nature and animals as a source of goodness for our lives, a common theme that is developing in this series.

So, what fulfils you, and are you making space for it?
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