I’ve always admired Paul’s tenacity for his dream and devotion to his craft, his commitment to simply keep going no matter what. He relentlessly pursues his hope of writing stories for the world that both entertain and reveal truths.

Hope is one of those invisible, unquantifiable and almost mysterious things that sit deep in our beings. Its strength is often tested by both external circumstances and our internal response to the situations we find our lives travelling through.

In my teenage years I was part of an organisation whose motto was ‘Hope, an anchor for my soul’. The analogy is a good one, that hope anchors our souls as our lives journey through the sea of life.  Sometimes the seas are calm and the waters are crystal clear - we can see our destination. Other times it’s like we’re in the washing machine of Mother Nature, waves towering above our heads, the wind and rain battering us and no sign of a horizon.
In whatever conditions we find the seas around our life, hope surely is what anchors our souls.
In the current climate of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our trusted foundations for society, community and interaction are no longer there, the ground beneath is no longer solid.  We’re all having to adapt and be creative amongst this unfamiliar world, it’s forcing us to prioritise and focus on what we value most. Hope must surely be one of those values? Hope that one day soon we’ll emerge on the other side of this crisis and be able to rebuild.

Paul’s story of screenwriting and mental health is inspiring and one I imagine that is mirrored in many lives across the world today. A story of dreams and hopes for a yet to be realised, preferred future. 

Whatever dreams you have for your life, anchor them in hope.
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