Some things in life seem counter-intuitive, and for many men vulnerability is probably one of those things. To let your guard down, to reveal what’s beneath that ‘in control’ exterior, to open up and tell someone else how you really feel is almost unnatural; a sign of weakness.

Five years ago Rob hit breaking point in life. A “straw broke the camel's back” and he had what he describes as a mental breakdown. It could have been looked upon as a flaw, a sign of weakness, however for Rob it has been a pivotal moment in his life. He’s discovered that when you trust others and are courageous enough to be vulnerable with them, it's both painful and richly rewarding. Being open is now part of who he is, enabling him to connect at a deeper level with those closest to him.
Mental health has, thankfully, been getting a higher profile in recent years. Yet when you hear the heartbreaking statistic that 84 men per week commit suicide in the UK you realise there’s still much more to be done.

Echoing Rob’s final words in this short film, if you think you know someone who’s struggling, pick up the phone and ask how they are really doing. If you yourself are struggling, reach out to someone and choose vulnerability over fear.
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