For full disclosure, Jules is my daughter and her Granpop was my dad. I’ve got 3 daughters and every time Jules's younger sister goes to try on ‘that dress’ Jules gets super defensive and protective over it, to the point of tears! So I knew there was a story to be told about it, and about what it means to her.

No family is perfect, and we all have a very broad and different experience of it.  For some it’s a place of safety and love, whilst for others it’s a place of hurt and brokenness and perhaps even for some they have never known what family is.  However what does ring true for all humans is this.
When we feel loved, and when we know we are loved, our worries slip away and we relax, can be ourselves, say how we’re truly feeling, act silly, cry, laugh or simply sit in silence.
The death of anyone that loves us dearly and we love in return is always a tough experience to go through, but it also helps to give us perspective on life and to value what really is important. It’s not the car, the house, the holiday although those are all nice, it’s people. People are our greatest treasure on earth.

Fill in the blank : “When I am loved, I feel ………. ”. 

Let’s build families and friendships that value the small things : time, words, presence. Because when we are loved, we have the strength and support to become our truest self.

Who are you loving, and how can you love them better?​​​​​​​
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