I think there are many beautiful stories hidden all around us. Lucinda is my wife’s Aunt and for as long as I’ve been married we’ve received Harriet sketches for Christmas, birthdays and other occasions. All lovingly hand drawn as a gift.

I mention ‘hidden stories’ because up until a week ago I didn’t know the story behind Harriet and I think you’ll agree with me it’s rather inspiring. I love the story of Harriet, and how she’s journeyed with Lucinda for over 30 years, the way Harriet has taught Lucinda how to play and live in the moment. It’s an amazing expression of creativity, almost like a mirror, used as a method to express emotions, thoughts and life lessons.
Artists have this bubbling up, internal need to create - to draw, paint, dance, sing - and it’s all in response to this wonderful thing called life.
There’s a simple joy to be found when you create art without worrying about how it’ll land with an audience. The joy comes from living in the moment of creating, and finding a way to express your response to life in all its many colours through using your gift.

I love the picture that Lucinda paints of the world exploding with light from all our collective creative endeavours. I agree with Lucinda - I think we are all artists.

So throw off your cares, reconnect to that playful inner child. Go create and have fun!
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