My heart bursts with love every time I pause and observe my daughters. It’s a feeling and emotion that I discovered as soon as I became a father. It’s this overwhelming surge of deep love, joy and pride that’s impossible to stop.​​​​​​​
My youngest daughter Holly is a self contained bundle of joy, she often bursts into spontaneous dance and song at home. She doesn’t need music, it just bubbles out from within.
If you google quotes on seeing the world through the eyes of a child, you’ll find many encouraging you to remove the worries of the day, and see the beauty and magic of this world we’re blessed to live in from the perspective of little ones.
I keep replaying the edit of this film, maybe because I’m her dad.  However there’s just this simple joy of watching her do something that she loves. She’s not worried about who is watching or what they think, she doesn’t have all the moves worked out already, she’s just moving her body from whatever lies within. Her soul.
I asked her why she dances. She looked at me in a way that almost questioned why I had even asked… “because it makes me happy!” 
I guess the question that then poses to me is obvious. Especially in light of what's happening around the world at the moment with COVID-19.  What do I do in my life that springs from my soul? Where I don’t care what others are thinking, that I don’t already have planned out.

What do I do in life that brings me simple joy?
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